Fuji Electric

FUJI ELECTRIC, A worldwide reputation of the Group. Specialist of the industrial instrumentation, the Company supplies products and services to the main industrial sectors : oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, energy, iron industry, food industry, paper mills, pharmaceutical industry, nuclear,... With a 7 billion Euros turnover and 12000 employees in the world, FUJI ELECTRIC also counts among the biggest specialists of the electric equipment and automated systems such as vending machines and automatic change machines. The establishment of the French factory in Clermont-Ferrand, bridgehead for the manufacture of the pressure transmitters for Europe and Middle East, provides also the necessary services to customers. The teams of engineers and technicians collaborate still more effectively with the users of the FUJI ELECTRIC products for an optimal efficiency and reliability of the installations.

Thanks to a sales network covering France and Europe, FUJI ELECTRIC FRANCE S.A.S. markets a complete range of :

• Flowmeters (electromagnetic and ultrasonic),

• Gas analyzers,

• Pressure transmitters (differential, gauge, absolute, liquid level and remote seals),

• Industrial recorders,

• Temperature controllers and process controllers,

• Temperature sensors and Temperature transmitters.

The FUJI ELECTRIC FRANCE factory has been organised for an optimisation of stocks, and an efficient distribution throughout the French and European sales network. In an ultramodern factory, built in 1995, FUJI ELECTRIC FRANCE uses the most rigorous process to guarantee the respect for criteria of high-level quality, and optimal operation of its products. When you select FUJI ELECTRIC, you opt for safety and quality, even when process conditions are extremely severe.