Addtech Group

Addtech is a technology trading group which develops and sells high-tech components and systems to industrial companies and the service industry. Addtech has an annual turnover of around 570 million euros and about 2000 employers.

Addtech consists of more about 130 companies which all strive to be market leaders in tightly restricted fields. The companies are held together by a corporate culture in which business skills and technical competence are central concepts.

Addtech’s operational focus is in the Nordic countries, although markets outside the region, such as Poland, Great Britain, Germany, Austria and China, have grown in importance in recent years. Addtech also exports to more than 20 other countries.

Our customers are primarily manufacturers of mechanical engineering, the vehicle industry, telecommunications and electronics, as well as service providers in research and health care. Addtech brings its customers both technical and economical additional value.

Addtech is a group based on growth. The group grows both organically and through company acquisitions. Since Addtech was listed in the stock market in 2001, the group has acquired more than 70 companies.

The Addtech financial year (12 months) is from 1st April to 31st March.

Addtech shares are quoted in the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm exchange.